Norm Wall Clock
Brushed Stainless Steel (6068039)

  • 340,000원
  • MENU
  • 적립금 3,400원 (1%)
  • Bringing a whole new meaning to the word “timeless”, we love Norm Wall Clock for its classic, minimal yet dramatic design. Its creators, Copenhagen-based design duo Norm Architects, are on a mission to bring about the comeback of the clock. We think they’ve cracked it with Norm Wall Clock. Available in brushed steel or brushed brass.
  • P0000KGX
  • Ø30 x D2.7/0.2 cm
  • Stainless steel

Fly chair SC1
Hot madison 495
Smoked oiled oak
8월 중순 입고예정

  • 2,850,000원
  • 적립금 28,500원 (1%)
  • The Fly Series by Space Copenhagen is a lounge collection made up of two sofas, an armchair, two tables and a pouf. Pushing the idea of lounging to its fullest, Fly is a series that allows the user to sit, lie, rest, and relax. Unlike many of the sofas and easy chairs in Scandinavian design history, Fly does not impose any particular posture onto the sitter. The seat itself is optimised for comfort, with loose cushions for the back that can be arranged according to the user’s own needs. But Fly adheres to tradition in other respects; the frame of the sofa and armchair, with a slatted back rest, is made from solid oak, treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil. It is the type of material and treatment that ages with true grace, only becoming more beautiful with time. Space Copenhagen gathers much of their inspiration from travels abroad, often in the form of ambience and mood. An example could be as simple as a particular wall in the streets of SoHo, New York, the distressed look of which makes its way into Space Copenhagen’s imagination.
  • P0000KWD
  • W 87 x D 80 x H 70 cm
  • Smoked oiled oak, fabric

Sophie Mirror L Ø61 (02803)

  • 590,000원
  • Mater
  • 적립금 5,900원 (1%)
  • The Mater Sophie Mirror is an elegant and simple new range of mirrors, combining leather and wood. The shape and design is inspired by old barrels and comes in three different sizes and stains of sustainably harvested mango wood, in either black or tan leather. The hand-hammered nails resemble the craftsmanship of traditional barrel making, which originally helped keep the hoops in place. The spacing around the mirror creates a light and optical illusion of a floating mirror.
  • P0000JRR
  • Ø 500 mm D 70 mm
  • Sustainably harvested mango wood with leather rim

Arise stool
3 colors

  • 580,000원
  • MILLION cph
  • 적립금 5,800원 (1%)
  • As an inviting seat for both children and adults, Arise Stool is the flexible seating furniture in your home and a stool with chair qualities: Arise Stool is the extra seat you can pull out when people drop in. The stool you step on to reach the top shelf. The side table you use when you need to drop stuff off. The chair the children climb on, play at or sit on.
    Arise Stool is so obviously functional with its playful two-step construction, one on top of the other, that one cannot help but smile and wonder how it was ever possible to live without it. Made in solid oak, Arise Stool is not only robust, it also has rounded edges, which lend it a soft feel in its solid but light graphic expression. Moreover, it makes a comfortable seat because you can rest one foot on the step.
  • P0000JRY
  • H 460 mm x L 480 mm x D 400 mm
  • FRAME — Solid European Oak finished in natural hardening oil / Black surface polyurethane lacquer / Blue surface polyurethane lacquer.

    SEAT AND STEP — Solid European Oak finished in natural hardening oil / Black surface polyurethane lacque